Education in Quebec

Education in Quebec

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Preschool Education Kindergarten and Academic Exemption in Quebec

In order for a child to be admitted to kindergarten, he (or she) must be 5 years old before September 30th of that school year. Registration generally occurs in the months of February or March that precede the start of school. It is always preferable to check these dates by directly contacting your sector’s school board or the school to which you wish to send your child. See above in this document for a list of the region’s schools.

All kindergarten registrations must be made with the child’s original birth certificate. 

The school board ensures the children’s transportation, if applicable. 

***Please also note that a few establishments offer junior kindergarten (4-year-olds), especially in underprivileged neighbourhoods, but this isn’t a provincial standard. Please contact the school board in your sector
for further information.

Academic exemption   

If a child turns 5 years old after September 30th of that same year, he or she must wait until the following year to begin school. However, it is possible to ask for an academic exemption for the age of admission of a child who will be 5 years of age before December 31st of that year.

The parent who wants an exemption for the age of admission to kindergarten must ask the closest school’s management or that of the school to which the child will go in order to find out these conditions. In general the deadline to ask for an academic exemption is March 31st.

However, each school board has its own timetable. Children must be assessed according to many criteria (motricity, autonomy, etc.), including psychological aspects. The evaluation may be conducted by a psychologist or psychoeducator trained to this effect. This evaluation concerns intellectual capacities, socioemotional maturity, and psychomotor development. Its cost varies between $500 and $800. This evaluation does not guarantee your child’s admission to school.