Employment Assistance Service

Employment Assistance Service Bagotville MFRC

The Employment Assistance Service offers military and reservist family members support and accompaniment in their job search and career or studies change. 

To get further information on these services, please contact your MFRC’s Employment and Linguistic Integration Agent by dialing 418 677-7468 


The Employment Integration Agent is available to help you with the following things:

Résumé, cover letter, and interview
The résumé and cover letter are tools that must be adapted and updated according to targeted jobs. The Agent can help you to renew these tools in order to improve the first impression that you will make to the employer. An interview preparation and simulation service is also available. 

Skill assessment and self-knowledge
Making an inventory of your competences and highlighting them in your applications can be a difficult task. The Agent can offer various means to point them out. Furthermore, different tests are available within the Employment Assistance Service to help you to get to know your professional and personal profile better.

Prospects for studies and information about advanced-level courses
If you are considering the pursuit of your studies, we can inform you about the different options that are available in the region and the possibilities for distance education.
Job offer alerts and billboard
A billboard that presents various job offers is located in the MFRC’s hallway, for public display. It is updated each week. The Employment Assistance Service also offers you regional job alerts by email according to your profile. 

Information on entrepreneurship and self-employment
Entrepreneurship or self-employment can be interesting options to ensure that you can transfer your employment from one place to the next. The Employment Assistance Service can inform you about these possibilities or direct you towards the right regional resources.
Dynamic job search techniques
Get general information about a job search in the region and on the military base. Discover how to access the hidden job market and various means to transform your job search into optimal success!
Posting preparation
To maximize your chances of experiencing a successful career transition, preliminary preparation is necessary. We can accompany you in this process by getting information on the job market in the targeted area, translating your résumé, and helping you to reach contacts.