Professional Integration Services

Professional Integration Services

Professional Integration Services Bagotville MFRC

The Professional Integration Service offers various services to members of military families. The Employment Integration Officer is available to help you with the following things:

Assessment of needs and self-knowledge  
Exchanges, exercises and psychometric tests allow you to refine your personal and professional profile and direct your research employment toward a specific goal.

Curriculum vitae and cover letter
Help with the creation and revision of job search tools to maximize their effectiveness.   

Dynamic job search methods  
Transmission of general information on job searching in the region or specific to your field of employment and job search strategies to consider.

Interview preparation 
Interview preparation tips and even customized interview simulations.

Training and recognition of prior learning  
Information on training options, in the region or at a distance, and in the process of prior learning assessment and recognition for experienced workers who do not have the diploma attesting to their skills.

Public service 
Personalized assistance and transmission of substantial information on the public service application process.

Information on entrepreneurship and self-employment 
Information on entrepreneurship or self-employment, as well as good resources in the region.

Teleworking opportunities 
Discovering the advantages of teleworking and the job opportunities to be performed from home.

Job Wall 
Job opportunities posted online and on the bulletin board in the MFRC corridor.

Posting Preparation 
Assistance in the search for labour market information in the next host region, in translation of job search tools and in the identification of resource contacts.