Activities and requests

Activities and requests

Request a briefing from one of our Four Pillars
Social Wellness
Nutritional Wellness
Addiction Awareness & Prevention
Injury Prevention & Active Living

Topics could include:

- Health Promotion 101

- Cannabis Use and Health 

- Nutrition 101

- Understanding Nutrition Facts Labels

- Menu Planning

- Nutrition for physical activity

- Myths and Facts on Diets

- Sport Supplements

- Stress Management

- Anger Management 

- Injury Reduction Strategies for Sports and Physical Activity:   Leadership Brief

- Combat Rations

- Energy Drinks

To create a positive change in the approach to injuries in the CAF the support of leadership is essential. The purpose of this briefing is to achieve the following:
- Create awareness among leadership as to why  injuries  occur
- Present strong, scientific supported strategies resulting in a significant reduction of CAF injuries
- Highlight the important role that leadership support plays in implementing those strategies
- Demonstrate how "readiness" can be enhanced by leadership’s role in the enforcement and accountability of presented strategies
- Create a better awareness and understanding of how to engage Health Promotion, Fitness & Sports and Health Services resources to avoid injuries.
- Alcohol, Other Drugs and Gambling Awareness 

Motivational interviewing
During behavioral change, motivational interviewing is useful for people who have started thinking about changing a life habit. Meetings with Health Promotion Specialists are based on motivational interviewing techniques to help reach personal goals.
Wheter it is to 
  • Stop smoking
  • Change your eating habits
  • Have a more active life
  • Etc.