courses and workshops
New this summer! De-stress lunch hours!

courses and workshops

New this summer: DE-stress lunch hours

Health Promotion offers workshops originated by STF (Strenghtening the Forces). All of the workshops are also offered in English.


Weight Wellness Lifestyle
Program Duration – 5 x 4 hour workshops  
Weight management program in order to help increase knowledge and change habits and behaviours towards food and physical activity. Includes a weekly group training session supervised by a certified kinesiologist. 

Top Fuel for Top Performance
Duration - 2 X 7 hour workshops  
Develop your knowledge of nutrients and their functions, estimate your calorie, protein and carbon hydrate intake, understand hydration, learn basic nutrition principles and see how to apply them before, during and after your workouts.

Nutrition 101
Duration - 1 X 4 hour workshop  
Increase your knowledge about nutrition, menu planning and label reading. Debunk many food myths and discover practical and concrete tools to better manage hour daily diet.  

Reading Nutrition Facts
Duration - 1 X 2 hour workshop  
This workshop will allow your to unravel the mystery of nutrition facts tables! You will learn all about the elements of the label and be better equipped to make sound choices at the grocery store.

Eating Out Smarts
Duration - 1 X 3 hour workshop  
Making appropriate choices when eating in restaurants is possible! We will analyse portions, side dishes, sauces, gravies and various condiments, as well as other elements of a meal. (Includes a visit at the grocery)


Introduction in Stress Management
Duration 1 x 3-hour workshop  
This workshop aims to provide tools to people to effectively manage stress, whether it is work or family related. 

Duration – 4 x 3-hour or 2 X 6 hour workshops  
A solution to dissatisfaction in relationships! This workshop helps participants learn strategies to improve their ability to manage conflict, communicate effectively and encourage cooperation. This is not a course on meditation, couples therapy or conflict intervention. A MFRC and Health Promotion collaboration.  

Stress Take Charge! (STC)
Duration – 6 x 2.5-hour or 2 X 7-hour workshop
Allows participants to better understand and manage stress. The program combines theory and practice to help create lasting change on their level of energy, the quality of their relationships and their well-being. 

Managing Angry Moments
Duration - 6 x 3-hour workshop or 2 x 7-hour workshop
Helps participants develop new and effective coping strategies to help deal with stressful situations and strong emotions such as anger. 

Mental Fitness and Suicide Awareness
Duration -1 x 7-hour workshop  
This mandatory workshop gives supervisors tools in order to help them better understand and intervene when someone is affected by a mental health problem or intervene regarding suicide. 

Relaxation Techniques
Duration - 1 X 3 hour workshop  
Introductory workshop to various relaxation techniques. You will leave with a starter toolkit to help you calm the beast.  


Alcohol, Other Drugs and Gambling Awareness, Supervisor Training 
Duration - 1 X 11 hour workshop (over 1,5 days)
This workshop helps supervisors detect the signs of drug use as well as alcohol and gambling problems. They will ensure a proper management of problematic situations and be a resource-person amongst military members and help promote their involvement in the development of an addiction-free workplace.

Butt Out!
Three counselling sessions in order to help participants maintain a smoke-free lifestyle once they have decided to quit smoking. 

Smart Serve
Duration – 1 x 2-hour workshop
A mandatory course required by Bagotville 3rd Wing/CFB Policy Governing the Sale and Consumption of Alcohol for anyone who serves alcohol during official or non-official functions. 

Substance Use 101
Duration - 1 X 3 hour workshop
Workshop to increase your knowledge and understanding of different drugs and the various issues associated with their use and abuse.


 Sports Injury Prevention
Duration - 1 x 3-hour workshop 
This course provides a better understanding of the factors contributing to the incidence of injury in everyday life and during training. The most common injuries are discussed as well as how to prevent them through exercises that are performed and supervised on site.