Due to COVID-19, only members having these criterias will be evaluated: deployment, Recruting, BMQ, BMOQ, BTL, Army specific instruction, Mission required individual & group instruction. For more info: mathieu.girard2@forces.gc.ca


  • FORCE program: FORCE test and exercise prescription
  • Firefighters' physical fitness assessment
  • Pre-admission physical condition assessment at the Canadian Forces Fire Service (ECPP SIFC)
  • Assessment of the physical condition of aspirants to the reserve
  • Close protection - Assessment of physical condition for the selection of SAR TECH aspirants
  • Basic swimming regulatory test for the military - Evaluation of the Canadian Special Operations Forces
Instructions (links)
Instructions for CAF Fitness Evaluations Delivery in Response of Corona Virus (COVID-19) - note de service janvier 2021

Specific rules related to COVID-19 pandemic
Security measures for FORCE test

FORCE test explanations before your assessment: 
FORCE Evaluation (cafconnection.ca)

FORCE test for specialty trade
Specialty Trade Program (cafconnection.ca)

FORCE rewards Program: 
FORCE Rewards Program (cafconnection.ca)

DOAD 5023-2

FORCE policies and manuals


  • Prepare members who have failed or not for the annual fitness assessment;
  • Improve general physical condition;
  • Offer a specific exercise prescription to the participants' limitations and physical capacity.
Open to all soldiers!

To register for a fitness assessment, you must contact the FORCE coordinator in your unit. For details on assessment protocols or to request a preparatory training program,

please contact fitness Coordinator, extension 7544