PSP Reconditionning Program

PSP Reconditioning Program

PSP Reconditioning Program 

Goal :

 Provide a constant and homogeneous reconditioning program establishing links between medical rehabilitation and physical condition (rehabilitation - reconditioning - employment - lifestyle). The goal is to maximize the functional independence of all ill and injured military personnel, and to maximize their chances of fully returning to active military service (meeting the need for universality of service). 

 Reconditioning Specialist (RS):

 The RS is a certified exercise physiologist (CEP) insured by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). The RS coordinates and delivers standardized fitness programs for CF personnel with functional (emotional and physical) limitations and medical conditions, as recommended by the Canadian Forces Health Services Group (H Svcs Gp FC). Referrals to the program must be made by a CAF approved health care professional.

Special Condition :
Postoperative reconditioning Musculosqkeletal         Affections musculosquelettiques
Metabolic disorders                                                    Lung disorders
Obesity                                                                       Lung disease      
Chronic disease/ pain                                                Ostéoporosis
Cardiovascular disease                                             Cancer
Disabilities                                                                  Diabetes
Arthritis                                                                       Heart disease / Stroke

Programs offered: 
Pool reconditioning program 
Proprioception and neuromuscular class with the collaboration of physiotherapists Abdominal and lumbar stabilization class with the collaboration of physiotherapists Group class for the support of the Transition Center Personalized fitness program Attendance monitoring / recording (attendance book at the gymnasium / data provided by the persons concerned) 
Measuring progress (physical condition assessment about limitations) 
Fitness / health education (exercise methods / exercise theories, health promotion courses) 
Support system (colleagues and PSP staff) 
Partnerships - Health Promotion, Health Services 

For more information on the reconditioning program, here are the coordinates

Zoe Grenon Girard, Kin, Reconditioning Specialist
418-677-4000 #4493

Ask your doctor, physiotherapist or health care professionnel to complete the transfer form the register for the reconditioning program.

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