Choosing a Home

Choosing a Home

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Rentals or Apartments

Looking for an apartment may also be an option. Be aware that July 1st is the most frequent moving day in all the province of Quebec. It is nonetheless possible to rent an apartment or house at any time during the year.

  City of Saguenay

Before you rent, take time to discover the surroundings and various neighbourhoods in the city where you may end up: assess your needs and resources. An apartment that is too far from your children’s school or your workplace may cost you unnecessary fees. Similarly, a dwelling that is too small, insufficiently equipped or that requires major repairs may leave you with bad memories of your first year’s stay on both personal and financial levels. 

For further information about the City of Saguenay, visit this section of our website.


To find an apartment in Quebec, there are many possibilities:

  • Travel up and down streets looking for "For Rent" signs.
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