Capsule BSO pour les enfants et les adolescents

Capsule BSO pour les enfants et les adolescents


Video Vignette on Operational Stress Injuries (OSI) FOR CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS

  Video vignette available at all times | Free

The MFRC invites the children and teenagers living with a parent with an operational stress injury to watch this short informational video.

Produced and hosted by two qualified social workers, this video vignette is to explain OSI and how it can manifest itself. It helps young people feel less guilty about their parent’s situation and provides them with tools to care for themselves.

This free video vignette is available when you are, on the following link:

  * Please take note that this video vignette is also offered in English. Do not hesitate to ask for it!

Catherine Tremblay-Bolduc
Program Coordinator for Families of Veterans
☎ 418-677-4000, extension 6017