Second-Language Courses

Second-Language Courses

Register now for the WINTER SESSION (January 13 to April 9, 2020).

Second-Language Courses French and English as a Second Language

Our second-language training for members of military families provides an opportunity to learn or improve your use of a second language (French or English) so that you may develop your autonomy and professional skills.
The registration period for the winter session of the Bagotville MFRC’s Second-Language Learning Program is underway!
  • A personalized training is offered according to your level of competence. 
  • The content of the program follows the same requirements as the federal public service (written comprehension, written expression, and oral interaction).

Placement Test
Before starting your classes, you will need to take a placement test to assess your initial level of language proficiency.
The levels range from 0 to 15 (from beginner (AAA) to “Professional Use” (CCC). Please note that these levels are in accordance with those established by the Government of Canada.

 Learning Method
The program is based on a learning method combining online learning and additional in-class tutoring sessions.

Self-directed learning can be done according to your schedule, since it is offered on Internet. It is a flexible learning option, with reading, writing and listening exercises focusing on grammar notions and vocabulary.

Necessary material: laptop (or tablet) and headphones.
You can either learn:
Where? A room is made available in the Community Centre (MFRC). At home, in a park, coffee shop, library, etc.
You choose!
When? Monday to Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
(except on holidays)
Whenever you want!
These additional teaching periods will be provided by a qualified teacher in one of the classrooms at the Community Centre (MFRC).

Frequency Tutoring periods Once a week
Duration will be determined according to 2 hours 30 minutes per session
Schedule the number of registrations.  6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  *Please note that the exact days and schedule of the tutoring sessions will be established according to your level. You will receive a timetable.

The cost of enrollment for the winter session is $50. This amount will be refunded at the end of the session if you have successfully completed all the levels in which you were registered at the beginning of the session.
Are you a parent?
Childcare at the MFRC Respite Daycare is offered at half price. This service is available during your tutoring sessions and when you come to the MFRC for your self-directed tutorials.