Support in Case of Absence

Support in Case of Absence

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To get further information, please contact the MFRC by dialing 418 677-7468.

When the military member must leave on a mission, course, exercise, or task, it is important to know if you can get aide and support that is adapted to the needs of families and appointed next of kin throughout the serviceman’s or servicewomen’s prolonged absence. 

Furthermore, if you know someone who is currently deployed and whose family members have not been contacted, you can guide them to the MFRC so that they may benefit from the services that are offered there. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the Family Separation and Reunion Coordinator, to get more information.

Don’t forget that the Bagotville MFRC offers you a multitude of programs and activities throughout the year that will, without a doubt, meet your expectations and entertain you.