Family Separation and Reunion Support Program
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Family Separation and Reunion Support Program

To get further information, please contact your MFRC’s Family Separation and Reunion Coordinator by dialing 418 677-7468 

The Family Separation and Reunion Support Program is designed to offer resources and support adapted to the needs of families and designated next of kin.

Experienced social workers offer their support in various forms: individual meetings, discussion groups, information sessions, workshops for children, etc. This support is offered before and after the serviceman’s or servicewoman’s absence as well as upon his or her return. 

The chart below summarizes these different steps. You will also find more complete explanations about the program under the chart.

  • Presentation of a pre-deployment checklist
  • Presentation of an information kit
  • Information session for families
  • Support phone calls made by MFRC Social Workers
  • Social events
  • Reunion preparation workshops
  • Emergency Child Care offered day and night
  • Deployment Respite Daycare
  • Individual meetings with an MFRC Social Worker

For youths see the Resources for Children and Teenagers section on this website to find out more.
  • "Fuzz Buddies", "Draco", and "FRIENDS" workshops for children
  • The "Mission Expression" deployment game and "The Mission: A Reality" deployment journal for teenagers
 upon arrival
  • Presence of an MFRC Social Worker upon servicemen and servicewomen’s arrival
  • Follow-up by the Social Worker in the form of calls or letters for 3 months following the arrival
Additional support available upon request:
  •  Individual, couples or family follow-up


Pre-deployment checklist 
Please be aware that it is possible to get a checklist either at the MFRC or in PDF format of things that the military member must remember to bring along. This way, you and your family will have peace of mind during your loved one’s absence.

Information kit
Each family member or appointed next of kin receives an information kit which includes many interesting documents about prolonged absence (How to Better Cope with Prolonged Absence), important phone numbers and information about MFRC services.

Support phone calls
MFRC Social Workers make support phone calls to establish contact with their clientele as they respect their needs throughout the entirety of the prolonged absence.


Support group
Families and next of kin have the opportunity to strike up friendships with others to get mutual support during periods of separation. This group is led by the Family Separation and Reunion Coordinator, who can inform and help participants in various situations. 

Special activities
These activities are specifically organized according to the needs of families and next-of-kin. They may find their expression in information sessions, thematic workshops, social activities, etc.

Information sessions
Information sessions about deployment and prolonged absence are offered to help families and next of kin become aware of difficulties that are likely to arise before, duringand after a separation, thus preparing them to face these problems.

Deployment Respite Daycare
This childcare service is offered at the MFRC to grant a period of rest to a parent for a modest fee. It allows the parent to benefit from a few hours of personal time, and it is offered every other Saturday (upon reservation).

The rate is established according to the number of hours and children. Please contact Ms. Julie Tremblay, Family Separation and Reunion Coordinator, to get the coupons that give you access to a reduced rate.

Meeting with a Social Worker
Immediate support and aide are offered. Families and next-of-kin benefit from continual confidential support and follow-up as needed during crises. Please don’t hesitate to visit the national website to gain access to other resources that concern deployment.