Parcel Service

Parcel Service

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Parcel Service Deployment support


What better way to cheer up your loved one during their deployment than to send them a parcel filled with love and treats!

You can send a parcel abroad for free from the Bagotville MFRC. Here are some instructions to facilitate your shipment. 

  • Fill your box so that the things in it cannot be damaged during transport. If necessary, use bubble wrap or newspapers. The material necessary for the packaging of your parcel is available on site. 

  • To make sure your package is the correct size and weight and that it does not contain any prohibited items, read the instructions for sending overseas.

  • Write the requested information (your name, address, phone number and the contents of the box) legibly, to the left of the deployed member’s address.


Please call us and make an appointment in order for us to help you pack and label your parcel properly. 

📧 Email:
☎ 418-677-7468