Support in Case of Absence

Support in Case of Absence

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Resources for Children

To get further information, please contact your MFRC’s Family Separation and Reunion Coordinator by dialing 418 677-7468

"Fuzz Buddies" workshop 
These workshops help children to better deal with separation so they’re able to talk about their sadness, anger, and boredom in an acceptable manner. Furthermore, they can rub shoulders with other children who are experiencing the same situation.

"Draco" workshops 
"Draco" workshops are aimed at children aged 4 to 7 years who have experienced, are experiencing, or will experience the prolonged absence of a parent.

These workshops allow children to talk about their experience relating to the prolonged absence of a military parent and to develop efficient adaptation and stress-management skills that will help them throughout their development.

"FRIENDS" workshop                                                                              
 This program allows children to learn practical and efficient means from one another to face anxiety, stressful situations, and negative emotions in order to develop resilience.