Support in Case of Absence

Support in Case of Absence

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Resources for Teenagers

To get further information, please contact your MFRC’s Family Separation and Reunion Coordinator by dialing 418 677-7468 

"Mission Expression" deployment game (teenagers)
The "Mission Expression" game is an intervention tool that gives our Social Workers resources and practical means to help youths aged 12 to 17 years to experience the prolonged absence of a military parent. Based on challenge, this game’s objective is to have youths explore some realities of military life and express themselves on the subject and their perceptions of it. They’ll also have the opportunity to express their opinion and experiences.

"Mission Expression" is an intervention and communication tool which allows adults in the youths’ environments to understand them and help them to experience a prolonged absence.

It can be played in the form of a discussion group supervised by the Youth Services Social Worker in order to provide resources and allow teenagers to find potential solutions and develop coping mechanisms regarding the prolonged absence of their parent. 


"The Mission : A Reality" deployment journal (teenagers)
This guide and diary allows the youth to experience the absence of the military parent step-by-step, and to understand and notice that it’s normal to feel certain emotions. He or she will discover tools, tips and tricks to help him or her experience this reality in a more personal way.