The "Give It a Rest Program"

The "Give It a Rest Program"

To live according to the military lifestyle isn’t always restful. Military spouses must often put their needs on the back burner to meet those of their family. However, it is important that military spouses grant themselves periods of respite to prevent exhaustion.

The Bagotville MFRC "Give It a Rest Program" is a set of means which allows military spouses to get some time to relax and rejuvenate to diminish stress and fatigue and, consequently, be able to better face the challenges that ensue from the military lifestyle. 

The "Give It a Rest Program" thus supports military families by easing access to real means that prevent physical and emotional exhaustion. You’ll find, here on this page, the range of services offered within the context of this program.
Please be aware that while some of these services are free, others may incur user fees. 

Please also rest assured that your information will be treated with professionalism, respect and in a completely confidential manner by our social workers.

For any question or request that you may have connected to the "Give It a Rest Program", please call the MFRC by dialing 418 677-7468. You’ll be immediately directed to a member of our team who will know how to accompany you according to your needs.