Respite Daycare and Rescue Nanny

Respite Daycare and Rescue Nanny

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Respite Daycare and Rescue Nanny Respite Daycare and Rescue Nanny

More free time periods to suit your needs!

Do you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends? Like you may be losing patience more easily than before? Like you might need a break? Our Respite Daycare service and our Rescue Nanny can help you!

In order to reduce the risk of exhaustion and allow parents to recharge their batteries, the MFRC now offers free Respite Daycare every Friday morning and the Nanny at home every Wednesday and Thursday evening.

These time slots are added to the already established schedule of one Saturday afternoon out of two at the Respite Daycare.
Registrations are mandatory to allow priority according to needs and offer excellent service.
  Respite Daycare NANNY
Location AT THE MFRC At home
Time slots
  • Every other Saturday Afternoon
  • Every Friday morning
  • Every Wednesday and Thursday nights
Registrations and reservations are mandatory.

About the Respite Daycare:
The Respite Daycare welcomes children 3 months to 5 years old. This childcare service accommodates parents seeking occasional or weekly childcare.


About the Rescue Nanny:
Recharge your batteries with the help our Rescue Nanny, a flexible helper providing you a well-deserved rest. Offered as part of the Give-It-a-Rest program, these hours of respite can be used to take time for yourself with peace of mind regarding your children.