L’équipe du CRFM

Bagotville MFRC Staff


Bagotville MFRC Staff

To get further information, please contact the MFRC by dialing 418 677-7468.




Isabelle GauthierExecutive Director
Annie Massicotte
Administrative Clerk

Psychosocial Services and Prevention

Julie Tremblay 
Family Separation and
Reunion Coordinator
  Annie Deschamps
Clinical Supervisor and
Prevention, Support, and Intervention Coordinator

Catherine Tremblay-Bolduc
Veteran Family Program
Gabrielle Perron
Family Liaison Coordinator

Geneviève Lévesque
Posting Support and Liaison Officer

Personal Development and Community Integration


Marie-Hélène Lapierre   
Personal Development and Community Integration Coordinator

Marie-Ève Rouleau
Linguistic Integration Officer
Sophie Gagnon
Information and Referral
Officer - Office Services

Joanie Cantin​
Employment Integration Officer
Anne-Julie Simard
Information and Referral
Agent - Promotional Services

Anne Bruneau-Poulin
Communication and
Marketing Officer
  Jacqueline Switzer
Information and Referral
Officer - Promotional Services
(on maternity leave)

Maude Cournoyer
Translator and Copy Editor
Rachel Blackburn
Second Language Teacher

Sabryna Tremblay
Community Organizer
Sara Calibaba
Second Language Teacher

Child & Youth Development and Parenting Support 



Christine Harvey-Paquet
Child, Youth, and Family Coordinator *ECC

François Allard Audet
Social and Family Counsellor 
Mila Bavakaran
Childcare Worker 
   Youth  Worker
Andrea Vasquez
Childcare Worker 

Marie-Anne Doucet
Rescue Nanny ​
Jocelyn Yadao 
Childcare Worker 

Sophie Falardeau
Teen Town Facilitator & Childcare Worker 
Rachelle Rivard
Éducatrice aux ateliers préscolaires

Andréanne Lajeunesse
Childcare Worker 
Anne-Marie Cronkwright
Childcare Worker 

Michelle Turcotte
Childcare Worker 

Teen Town Facilitators:

  • Josiane Gagnon
  • Anne-Julie Simard
  • François Allard-Audet
  • Sophie Falardeau
  • Anne-Marie Cronkwright
  • Clarence Labbé


Les Mille-Pattes Daycare Centre


Marie-Ève Roy
Les Mille-Pattes Daycare Centre Coordinator

Mélanie Gagné
Les lucioles Educator
(0-18 months)
Jacinthe Duplin
Les libellules Educator
(3-4 years of age)

Leyna Lalancette
Les coccinelles Educator
(0-18 months)
Lina Larouche
Les papillons Educator
(3-4 years of age)

Julie Paquette
 Les mouchonautes Educator
(18 months)
Andréanne Moreau
Lunch & Breaks Educator 

Andrée-Anne Simard
Les sauterelles Educator
(2-3 years of age)
Isabelle Grenon
Lunch & Breaks Educator 

Substitute Educator:

  • Hélène Legault
  • Valérie Parent
  • Carine Thibodeau
  • Victoria Strong