WO & Sgts' Mess

WO & Sgts' Mess


WO & Sgts' Mess

The Wo & Sgts' Mess includes a single room called the KittyHawk. Throughout the year, this space is used to hold all kinds of social events and gatherers including, among others:

• Chef's Cafés on Thursday
• Friday dinners (TGIF).
• the Intermess tournament
• Children's Christmas
• Welcome dinners
• baptisms and
• family celebrations.

This room, newly renovated, makes us relive the aviation with its authentic decorations.
The Warrants and Sergeants' Mess offers its members:
  • Pool table
  • Poker Table and Chips
  • Television of 42 ''
  • Sound system
  • Dance floor
  • The dart game
  • BBQ area with terrace
KittyHawk Sitting:     120
  Standing: 180

PCAM/PMC: Sgt Marc-André Champagne extention 7449
VPCAM/VPMC: Sgt Réjean Lalancette extention 7754

Informations :

 Administrative assistante: 418-677-4000 extention 7402