Bicycle Club - Furtifs

Bicycle Club - Furtifs

The Club is a not-for-profit organization that allows military, civilian and retired members of CFB Bagotville, as well as the families of these groups, to get together for road cycling. It is a recreational / cyclosportive club.

The Club's mission is primarily the physical conditioning of the members through road cycling. Thus, the promoters were able to establish several objectives. Cycling trips will allow club members to acquire or maintain good physical fitness, improve their ability to ride in a platoon, and simply learn about cycling in general. In addition, the voluntary participation of members in competitive events will also be possible under the representation of a club officially recognized by the Bagotville military base and the Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes (FQSC).

  1. Members receive the schedule at the beginning of the season and can plan their participation in the bike rides.
  2. The place of departure is fixed in advance as well as the time and distance to be traveled.
  3. Participants must present themselves at least 15 minutes in advance and report to the group leader.
  4. The choice of the speed group is made by the member according to his capacities and the distance to be traveled.
  5. Members of the 2nd and 3rd Wing Bagotville Cycling Club must wear the club sweater during activities organized by the club.

  1. Provide the physical capacity to maintain a cruising speed of at least 24 km / h over the proposed distances.
  2. Fill out the registration form and the FQSC membership form.
  3. Pay the annual membership fee of $ 60: $ 35 (for the Club) and $ 25 (for the FQSC).
  4. Pay a PSP card
► Club meetings will take place in the form of bike outings and training sessions twice a week.

►There will be a weekend outing (after 4 pm) and a weekend outing.
►Exits and training will be within 45 kilometers of the base on the roads in the area.
►During this trip, the head coach accompanied by these coaches will be able to advise the cyclists.
►Supervisors will be selected in advance and will act as leaders of the different groups.
►During the first weeks of the 2011 season, a trail clinic will be offered to club members. This two-hour training will allow cyclists to learn more about furrowing (ways and techniques of rolling in a platoon).
►A bike repair clinic will also be offered during the same period.
►Spinning sessions and a possibility of virtual cycling sessions (GTH Chicoutimi) will be organized during the winter season. These workouts will also be offered twice a week at times that will accommodate the clientele.
►Common goals will be set for each season for members of each group. For example, the group 30km / h (average) has as objective to go around Lake St-Jean to close the cycling season. These objectives will allow for the preparation of a more accurate training program and encourage members to ride regularly.
Specific Rules of the Cycling Club - Furtif (link to come)

For more information, contact xxxxx at 418-677-4000 extension xxxx