Wood Hobby Club

Wood Hobby Club


Wood Hobby Club

The DIY club at CFB Bagotville is located in Building 68, across from CANEX, between the dental clinic and the auto club.

The club is open to all military personnel and their dependents. The local population is welcome, but some restrictions may apply.

The workshop has a wide range of equipment including:
  • A saw bench
  • A band saw
  • A radial chainsaw
  • A miter saw
  • A drum sander
  • A ribbon sander
  • A vertical sander
  • A jointer
  • A planer
  • Molding planer
  • A mortiser
  • A drill press
  • Two router tables
  • A wooden lathe
  • An air compressor
  • A painting chamber
  • A dust collector and
  • A shaping top

There are work stations that can accommodate up to 10 workers and we have four work tables. We have an experienced team that keeps our machinery functional and in good working order. We also hold a quantity of replacement blades for all our machines.

In September, we are participating in the 2 nd and 3 Wing welcome day.


The annual membership fee is $ 70.00 per year (Military, Dependent and Retired) and is payable in September of each year. This includes the use of a metal storage rack.

Also, storage bins for 49 "X 22" X 9 'material are available for $ 25.00 per year.

Business hours :

Opening hours are flexible. Military members can access the key at the military police station.

For information, you can call 418-677-4000 ext. 4418 according to goodwill.