BFRC - Second Language Training

BFRC - Second Language Training


BFRC - Second Language Training

The Second Language Training Service is designed to facilitate the integration of civilian spouses/partners of CAF members who are posted to locations where the surrounding community’s primary language is unfamiliar.  The primary focus of the Service is to enhance life skills and to provide assistance in attaining access to local employment opportunities through increasing language proficiency in accordance with a standardized curriculum, guidelines and parameters provided by the Director Military Family Services.

Programs are generally offered for 12 weeks, once a week during evenings and/or daytime.  The Centre offers Spring, Fall and Winter sessions.

The primary participants eligible to access Second Language Training are civilian spouses/partners and children of CAF members sixteen (16) years of age and over.  Special consideration may be given to children fourteen to fifteen (14-15) years of age.  A minimum of five (5) primary participants must be registered for a course to be offered.  

On-line (Rosetta Stone) language training is available to Primary Participants only on a first-come-first served basis and; who are unable to attend in-class Second Language Training (SLT) classes due to the distance of their residence to the classes, the time of day and/of year classes are offered, or who require language training at a level not offered by the Centre. 

For more information on the Second Language Training Service please review the SLT Participant Handbook or contact staff.

Personal Developent Facilitator
Pauline Berry
705-424-1200 ext. 2081/3994