Employment Assistance

Employment Assistance


BFRC Employment Assistance BFRC Employment Assistance

The Community Integration Program provides a variety of services designed to assist families integrate into their new communities, enhance quality of life and promote and support personal, family and community development.

Employment and Education Assistance - to assist civilian spouses and youth in meeting their educational and employment goals.

  • Self-help Service
  • Information regarding employment

The Employment Assistance Self-help Service offers assistance to civilian spouses and youth of CF regular force members and Class “B” or “C” reservists in acquiring skills, resources and career initiatives that prepare and facilitate work force entry.  The Program provides information and resources to assist with the following:

  • List of websites for employment opportunities
  • Job postings in the area
  • Workshops may be offered in response to community requests
  • Computer/Internet access, fax machine and photocopier
  • Partnerships with outside agencies
  • Referrals to employment agencies and educational institutions

Contact: Kim Osmond
705-424-1200 ext. 2046 / 3994