BFRC - Emergency Family Care Assistance

The Emergency Family Care Assistance (EFCA) Policy within Military Family Services (MFS) aims to provide military and medically released Veteran families with support for their short-term emergency family care requirements. The services are designed to enhance military and medically released Veteran family resilience and stabilization in the face of their respective family challenges. EFCA services focus on challenges specific to military and medically released Veteran families; ensuring that these levels of support do not unintentionally provide military and medically released Veteran families with an advantage over their civilian counterparts.
The intent of the EFCA is to provide support to military families after all other avenues of support provided by the CAF and Director General Compensation and Benefits (DGCB) have been explored and/or enacted and insufficient to meet military family’s emergency needs.
The EFCA policy support the modern military and medically released Veteran family when emergency care is required for a family member under the following circumstances:  
  • When CAF personnel require unanticipated additional time and family care expenditures beyond what is available through House Hunting Trips (HHT), in order to secure essential necessities (search for housing and/or spousal employment etc.) when newly posted (up to a period of 3 months after arrival at their new location);
  • A unique situation where emergency family care assistance may be required other than in a situation detailed above in which special requests may be approved at the discretion of MFS or in the case of a medically released Veteran family, at the discretion of the Executive Director of their local MFRC in coordination with the National VFP Operations/Development Manager.
EFCA Services are available Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Program Staff can be reached at 705-424-1200 ext. 1542/3994. Requests for EFCA services after hours are referred to the 24/7 Family Information Line.