BFRC - Family Liaison Service

BFRC - Family Liaison Service

BFRC - Family Liaison Service BFRC - Family Liaison Service

The Family Liaison Service was created out of a partnership between the Integrated Personnel Support Centre and the Borden Family Resource Centre to provide support and counselling to ensure that the families of Canadian Forces members who are coping with an illness/injury or have fallen as a result of service, receive the support that they need.

Collaboration with Service Partners: to provide streamline services, address gaps in service, and to tailor the programs of the BFRC, based on the needs of the family.

Short Term Counseling: is available to all members of the family

Referral: to other specialized services within the military and civilian community, along with follow up to ensure a "good fit"

Self-Help Groups: facilitates the connection with and provides tools/resources to families that are experiencing a common situation such as bereavement, change management, impact of injury/illness etc.

Workshops & Presentations & Resources: tp provide education, and support about the impact of injury/illness/bereavement on individual/family functionning

For more information please call 705-424-1200 ext. 3994