Parcel Service

BFRC Parcel Service


BFRC Parcel Service

Communication via mail and/or parcels is not only important to CF members and PSP employees while they are deployed but is also uplifting and morale building for the individual who is away and the family members who remain at home. The Centre will accept parcels from family members of absent Canadian Forces members (Regular Force and Reservist) and PSP employees whom are deployed/absent from their families on international missions or at CFS Alert for a period of thirty (30) days or more.  This service is provided to family members at no charge.

The parcel service can be accessed by:

  • Taking the parcel directly to the CFB Borden mailroom, 336 Ortona Road, Bldg. S-141 (Monday to Friday 8:00am to 3:00pm); or
  • Dropping the parcel off at the Borden Family Resource Centre’s reception at 28 Arnhem Road, Bldg. E-123, (Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm).

Families who do not live close to or are unable to get to CFB Borden may take the parcel to any Canada Post outlet. However, in this case they will be expected to pay the correct postage to Belleville, ON.

The following guidelines have been set forward by the CFB Borden mailroom.

  • The parcel should be limited to a ‘shoe-box size’ container (approximate dimensions 30 cm x 23 cm x 18 cm or 12’ x 9’ x 7’).
  • Proper addressing is important.  The correct mailing address for all operations is as follows: 

Mission Name (if applicable)
P.O. Box (Insert box number here), Stn Forces
Belleville, ON
K8N 5W6

  • Families may include the mission name (if applicable) before the P.O. Box if desired (i.e. Op Athena, Op Apollo, etc.) but should not indicate the name of the destined country on the box (i.e. Afghanistan, Bosnia, etc.).
  • Customs forms are not used.  A detailed list of contents should appear beside the address.
  • The sender’s return address including phone number should appear in the top left corner. The Borden Family Resource Centre’s address should not appear on the parcel.

It is important for families to understand that these guidelines differ on each Base and may not be in accordance with the guidelines given to the CF member or PSP employee prior to departure. Following these  enables the parcels to be delivered as quickly as possible.

Please refer to the Canada Post Corporation Act and Regulations Regulation Respecting Non-Mailable Matter for a detailed list of non-mailable matter.

Should a parcel contain nuts or nut products, it must be clearly indicated on the list of contents. The parcels will then be stored in the FSR Support Staff office in a secure cabinet until picked up by the mail carrier

Contact :  
Wanda Tucker
705-424-1200 ext. 1542 / 3994