Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing (Military Personnel Only)
Borden Rock Wall Belay Certifications are available to Military Personnel Only. With this certification, you will be authorized to climb at any time during gym hours, but only with other CFB Borden belay-certified members. Certifications are not transferable from/to other military bases or civilian organizations. There is no fee associated with this certification or training, however the Certification must be refreshed yearly.

Participants will be evaluated on the following:
  • Proper/safe climbing wall set-up
  • Equipment inspection/safety (harness/rope/etc.)
  • Figure-8 knot
  • Belay setup and proper technique
  • Communicate & safety checks
Military Rock Wall Night (Last Monday of every month)
  • 1615-1715- Sessions 1 (16 people max)
  • 1730-1830- Sessions 2 (16 people max) 
Sign up using email below, walk-ins are welcome if we’re not at capacity. Drop in for exams.
If your unit is interested in participating in a course during PT hours please register using email below. (Max 10-12 people) 

+Rock Wall Borden@CFSTG PSP@Borden