Health Promotion

Health Promotion



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Strengthening the Forces Health Promotion Program Overview

This briefing will provide participants with an overview of the Strengthening the Forces program and all of the programs and services available locally.

Addictions Awareness and Prevention

Driving While Impaired and the Law
This briefing discusses the potential legal, career and personal consequences associated with impaired driving.
Illegal Drugs and Zero Tolerance
This briefing discusses the latest trends surrounding illegal drugs and its impact on society.
Staying Within the Guidelines
This briefing covers responsible drinking and the options available.
Substance Use 101
This briefing will cover the basics surrounding substance use and the related policies.
Gambling and Internet Addiction
This briefing will provide a better understanding of gambling and gaming addiction and its impact on the workplace.
Internet Addiction
This briefing will provide a better understanding of the impact of gaming addiction.

Injury Prevention and Active Living

Injury Reduction Strategies for Sport and Physical
This briefing will increase the awareness and understanding of injury reduction strategies for sport and physical activity. This information has been developed from the most up to date evidence based practices from an extensive literature review. This briefing can be tailored to fit a unit’s requirements.
For further specifics, please contact our office : (705) 424-1200  ext 7086

Nutritional Wellness

Healthy Eating 101
Healthy eating is important for staying healthy and preventing diseases. Most people want to eat well and are looking for answers to their healthy eating questions and challenges. Information on Canada’s Food Guide, Portion Distortion and Label Reading will be covered.
Nutrition For Action: Top Ten Tips for Top Performance
The foods you eat every day have a great impact on your mental and physical performance and on your training. This presentation offers practical information on what, when and why you should eat and drink to ensure optimal performance. The right foods, the right amount, at the right time can make all the difference.

Social Wellness

Managing Stress for Success
This briefing will cover the basic orientation to understanding stress. Objectives are to increase awareness of personal stressors, discuss warning signs and increase the use of healthy stress management strategies for optimum performance.

Mental Fitness and Suicide Awareness
This presentation focuses on the importance of mental fitness in order to reduce and/or prevent suicidal tendencies. The basics on suicide awareness, prevention and intervention are also discussed. Participants will leave with a basic understanding of warning signs and also how to help someone in need.

Family Violence – Presentations delivered by Health Services
Presentations are available for both general awareness and for leaders. Topics covered for general awareness include awareness of the different types of violence, policy and the resources available; where the leaders briefing will also cover procedures for effective management of family violence issues.