Advanced Fitness Training Assistant (AFTA) MITE Course Qualification Code 112390

For military personnel who have a keen interest in Physical Fitness Training (PFT) and have successfully completed the BFTA (Basic Fitness Training Assistant) qualification. 

Course length

10 training days 

  • BFTA qualified and involved with the unit’s/school’s PT program on a regular basis 
  • Successfully completed the FORCE evaluation in the past 12 months 
  • Rank of Master Corporal, Master Seaman and above 
  • Currently qualified in Standard First Aid and CPR 
  • Medical standards: 
                  V   CV   H   G   O   A
                  4     3    3    2    2   5
  • Course attendance approval through the Chain of Command


This course aims at instructing CAF personnel on advanced type fitness training. It will inform them how to meet the needs of the tactical athlete. This operational and functionally based training will enhance the operational readiness of the individual and his/her unit.

What and how you will learn

During this 2 week course you will learn how to:
  • Explain the Tactical Athlete Training Program (TATP) 
  • Identify exercise safety concerns of advanced training methods
  • Demonstrate/conduct TATP fitness conditioning training session 
  • Conduct obstacle course physical fitness training 
  • Conduct operational based physical fitness skills training 
  • Conduct competitive fitness games 
  • Conduct fitness based orienteering 

This information will be delivered through theoretical lectures, practical demonstrations, group discussions, and student presentations.


Students will be assessed on their conduct of a Tactical Athlete group physical fitness training session, instruction and demonstration of weight lifting technique, conducting group competitive games activity, and achieving passing grades in two written theoretical tests.

NOTE: This is a highly physical / activity based course.

  • Taught at CFB Borden. In order to have a course taught at any other location with suitable facilities and equipment, a request has to be submitted to CFSTG HQ in Borden
  • Offered in both official languages
  • Nomination process through their unit Training Officer 
  • For more information please contact the PSP Training and Project Support Coordinator at 705-424-1200 ext 312 or CSN 270-3127
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