Basic Fitness Training Assistant (BFTA) MITE Course Qualification Code 112290

Designed for physically fit Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel who are interested in improving their knowledge of safe and effective physical fitness training methods, leadership abilities and instructional capabilities to enhance their unit’s physical fitness.

In order to be nominated for Military Personnel Generation Training Group (MPGTG) courses (BFTA, AFTA and UFSO), your unit Training Coordinator, Training Officer or Operations and Training Cell must enter your nomination in Guardian.  The desired serial number and session dates must be entered into the comments field (click on TAB 3 to get to the comments field) in order to ensure you are not simply put on a waiting list.
Nominations are normally confirmed about 30 days prior to the course start date.  At that time participants will receive a course loading message that will include the Joining Instructions and specifics on FIN Codes.  They must confirm their attendance with Kathy Dimakos, Training and Project Support Coordinator, National PSP Training Centre, at at that time.  If members cannot attend the session, they must have their Ops and Training cell change/remove their nomination in Guardian.
There are no course registration fees. Participant costs for travel, TD and R&Q are funded through MPGTG for Reg Force members only.  For Reservists, MPGTG only covers the course and their unit covers travel, TD and wages.
If you have any issues with Guardian nominations, please contact

Course length

10 training days 

  • Successfully completed the FORCE evaluation in the past 12 months 
  • Rank of Corporal, Leading Seaman and above 
  • Currently qualified in Standard First Aid and CPR 
  • Medical standards: 
                 V   CV   H   G   O   A
                 4    3     3    2    2   5
  • Course attendance approval through the Chain of Command


The objective of this course is to familiarize the BFTA with PSP fitness training methodologies and CAF fitness evaluations.  The knowledge imparted during this two-week course provides the BFTA with the ability and confidence required to lead unit physical training. The BFTA’s role is to act as an effective liaison between their unit and the local PSP fitness staff. This collaborative approach will enhance the level of continuity of the CAF Fitness Program.

What and how you will learn

This course focuses on PSP physical fitness training methods including exercise purpose, exercise risk-benefit analysis, progressions and options for all fitness levels. Effective leadership styles for a CAF fitness class will be examined. This information will be delivered through theoretical lectures, practical demonstrations, group discussions, and student presentations.  


Students will be assessed on their conduct of a group physical fitness training session and implementation of a physical fitness program.

NOTE: This is a highly physical / activity based course.

  • Taught at CFB Borden. In order to have a course taught at any other location with suitable facilities and equipment, a request has to be submitted to MPGTG HQ in Borden
  • Offered in both official languages
  • For more information please contact the PSP Training and Project Support Coordinator at 705-424-1200 ext 3127 or CSN 270-3127
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