FORCE Evaluator (ALET) MITE Course Qualification Code 120950

Possession of this specialty will enable personnel to conduct the FORCE Evaluation IAW with the FORCE Evaluation Operations Manual.
Course Length
Module 1-5 (6 hours on DLN, prior to Module 6)
Module 6 (One day)
Personnel must meet the following requirements to be selected for this specialty:
  • Have the rank of Cpl / LS and above or be required to conduct FORCE Evaluations as part of their job description
  • Be currently qualified in St. John’s Standard Level First Aid and CPR
  • Medical standards
                 V   CV   H   G   O   A
                 4    3     3    2    2   5
  • Achieve the minimum physical fitness requirement IAW DAOD 5023-2, or within PSP job
In order to remain FORCE Evaluator qualified, personnel will be required to requalify every two (2) years. Requalification will be conducted by local PSP staff (FORCE Instructors).
Taught by the local PSP staff. Contact your local Fitness Coordinator for nomination.