Unit Fitness and Sports Officer (UFSO) MITE Course Qualification Code 112436

For military personnel in a position of leadership related to their unit’s physical fitness training and sports program. 

Course Length

5 training days

  • BFTA or AFTA qualified and involved with the unit’s/school’s PT program on a regular basis 
  • Successfully completed the FORCE evaluation in the past 12 months 
  • Rank of Sergeant, Petty Officer 2nd class and above 
  • Currently qualified in Standard First Aid and CPR 
  • Medical standards: 
                  V   CV   H   G   O   A
                  4    3     3    2    2    5
  • Course attendance approval through the Chain of Command


This course is designed to train CAF personnel to manage their unit’s physical fitness and sports activities, by effectively matching the annual physical fitness training program to the operational and training schedule of a unit. This will enable units to follow a specific fitness and sport plan that is catered to their unique requirements.

  • Please note that the Unit Fitness and Sports Officer (UFSO) course is a pilot course and only available in English at this time
  • Taught at CFB Borden. In order to have a course taught at any other location with suitable facilities and equipment, a request has to be submitted to MPGTG HQ in Borden
  • Nomination process through their unit Training Officer
  • For more information please contact the PSP Training and Project Support Coordinator at 705-424-1200 ext 3127 or CSN 270-3127
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