Recognize Symptoms of a Concussion

Everyone can help recognize a possible concussion if they know what to look for.
A person with a concussion might have any of the signs or symptoms listed below. They might show up right away or hours, or even days later. Just one sign or symptom is enough to suspect a concussion. Most people with a concussion do not lose consciousness.
Common Signs and Symptoms
Pressure in the head
Nausea or vomiting
Blurred vision
Sensitivity to light or sound
Ringing in the ears
Balance problems
Tired or low energy
“Don’t feel right”
Cognitive (Thinking)
Not thinking clearly
Slower thinking
Feeling confused
Problems concentrating
Problems remembering
Red Flags
“Red flags” may mean the person has a more serious injury. Treat red flags as an emergency and call 911.

Red flags include:
Neck pain or tenderness
Double vision
Weakness or tingling in arms or legs
Severe or increasing headache
Seizure or convulsion
Loss of consciousness (knocked out)
Vomiting more than once
Increasingly restless, agitated or aggressive
Getting more and more confused
Sleeping more or less than usual
Having a hard time falling asleep
Irritability (easily upset or angered)
Nervous or anxious