Inclusion Contact the Recreation Coordinator at 705-424-1200, Extension 1373

Community Recreation is an established recreation service provider that actively practices integration and inclusion, while embracing the principles of HIGH FIVE®. An Inclusion Facilitator is a support person for the program instructor, who provides one-on-one assistance to a participant, ensuring that our programs are accessible for all families with mild to moderate needs. Recreation provides children with an opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills and discover new things, all in a supportive environment. We encourage families to contact a Recreation Coordinator at 705-424-1200, extension 1373 to discuss participation in a recreation program. The child’s abilities will be discussed to find the best program fit. External agencies are often contacted to share assessments of the child once the guardian has signed the consent form to release personal information with the agency Inclusion for the camp programs is a parent-initiated process. If you believe, your child may benefit from inclusion services, please contact a Recreation Coordinator to arrange your spot as early as possible. This operates as a first-come, first-serve service.