BFRC - Resource Library

BFRC - Resource Library

CGFF Common Library

BFRC - Resource Library BFRC - Resource Library

Resource Library 

The Resource Library provides a comprehensive bilingual selection of books, movies and materials covering family oriented subjects such as military lifestyle, child development, adolescence, parenting, communication, second language learning, health, employment assistance and more. 

Services provided include:

  • BFRC information – Monthly Calendar, Welcome Packages
  • Library – books, resources and more
  • Brochures / Information
  • Computers with free Internet (GPNet) access
  • Printer / Fax / Photocopier

Books can be borrowed for 3 weeks and welcome packages for one week free of charge.  Individuals are requested to complete a Resource Library Loan Agreement prior to borrowing items from the Library. 

Visit the Resource Library ... there is definitely something for everyone!  Items are selected based on recommendations and requests from community members, so let us know if there is a subject or book that interests you.

Internet (GPNet) Computers
The Resource Library offers free access to the Internet!  There are 3 computers available for your use, where you can check emails, communicate with family members, surf the net, work on homework assignments, prepare your resume and more. We also have 1 computer with DWAN access 

The computers can be accessed Monday - Friday from 8:15am - 4:15pm

Personal Development Facilitator
Jessie Gardiner
705-424-1200 ext 3177/3994