The Citoyen Borden Citizen

The Citoyen Borden Citizen

Hours of operation are Monday–Friday, 0730–1530 hrs.

CFB Borden’s newspaper is published every Friday and is distributed to all Base Units and Married Quarters. It is delivered in Angus by Canada Post. The Citoyen Borden Citizen provides information about CFB Borden, the Canadian Armed Forces and surrounding communities.

48 Rafah Cres, Building S-138
705-423-2496 • Fax 705-423-3452
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Published every Friday,  deadline Tuesday 1200 hrs
Delivered FREE to Borden, Angus, Utopia & Baxter

Editoral Submissions: Brooke Belliveau
Phone: 705-424-1200 ext/poste 2567
Download the editorial submission guidelines. Citoyen-Borden-Citizen-editorial-submissions  

Reporter: Yanik Gagnon
Phone: 705-424-1200 ext/poste 5156

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