Base Fund Scholarship

Base Fund Scholarship

Base Fund Scholarship Application Deadline 15 July

Each year, CFB Borden endeavors to give a helping hand to the children of the Base Borden Defence Team who are off to pursue further education.

Applicants must be a dependent child of a Base Borden Defence Team member who is employed at a unit at CFB Borden (including lodger units) and who is in their graduating year of secondary school. Applicants must also provide proof of acceptance to attend a Canadian university or college.

A maximum of five scholarships for both the “Base Academic Scholarship” and “Base Achievement Scholarship” categories will be awarded annually to qualifying students pursuing post-secondary education.  Scholarship amounts will be determined each fiscal year based upon allocated funding.

The purpose of the fund is to promote a sense of community in CFB Borden/MPGTG, and to encourage eligible youth to further
their education beyond the high school level.

Details for the application process can be found in BBSAI 216, Annex A.

All applications must be made no later than 15 July 2019. Scholarships will be awarded by 31 August 2019 with an official announcement made by September.