Family Members/Veterans

Family Members

This information can also be found in the Veteran Family Journal.
For assistance from our Calgary MFRC Veterans Family Program Coordinator, please contact Shelagh Cox at 403-410-2320 ext. 3591 or at 

Family Information Line
By calling the 24/7 Family Information Line (FIL) you will be connected to friendly, bilingual, experienced counsellors who are well-versed on CAF communities and programs and services. 
  • 1-800-866-4546 (North America)
  • 00-800-771-17722 (International)
  • 1-613-995-5234 (Collect calls)
Veterans Affairs Canada
VAC has a range of mental health services and benefits for veterans, current members of the CAF and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and their families:
  • Crisis and Referral Centre line (1-800-268-7708). A 24-hour toll-free help line that can provide Veterans and their families with short-term professional counselling and referral services, including support for mental and emotional health concerns;
  • Wellness Kit series of mental health fact sheets
  • Information on PTSD, including PTSD and the Family for Parents with Young Children, PTSD and War Related Stress, learn about PTSD and Understanding PTSD Treatment; and
  • Fact sheets on depression, anxiety and more.
Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program 
The Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (CFMAP) is a voluntary and confidential counselling service providing short term counselling services (maximum of eight sessions). The service, available free of charge 24/7, can be accessed by still-serving medically releasing members and their families by calling 1-800-268-7708.

Chaplains - Spiritual and Religious Well-Being
As trained religious and spiritual caregivers, CAF chaplains are on-call 24/7 to support members in need and provide support and advice to the chain of command and care providers. If you are still-serving, medically releasing member, or family member searching for a chaplain in your area, contact us at 403-410-23020 ext. 3590 or email

Compensation and Benefits                                                                                   
Support Our Troops (SOT) is an official charity of her Her Majesty in right of Canada for the Canadian Armed Forces community; managed and operated by Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services.  It was established to meet the unique needs and special challenges faced by members of the Canadian Armed Forces community as a result of military service.  It provides a platform to allow a range of supporters to show their care, compassion and support to serving members, veterans and their families.