Week 5: Deployment

Deployment is something all military families expect to hear about when they sign-up to the forces. That doesn't make the unique reality of being deployed and reintegrating any less challenging. This week we hope to make you aware of, and be prepared for, the challenges you may encounter. We want you to be better able to manage the circumstances and stressors associated with separation and reunion. 

Prior to and During Deployment

How to boost your Military Family's Resilience

Wednesday, August 5th at 1;00 p.m.

“Military families commonly face three military journey transitional challenges and three family journey challenges: geographical relationships due to postings, absences from family due to operational tempo, illness / injury / death, personal well-being and mental health, financial stress, and intimate partner relationships.” Lynda Manser, Military Family Services

Join us to explore and develop tools and resources to assist in adapting, recovering, and adjusting to the challenges of military family life. Be reminded of or discover ways to better care for your and your family’s physical, emotional, and social well-being.

You will:
  1. Be given a definition and an analogy to affirm your and your family’s resiliency.
  2. Leave with reminders of the best, easiest, and quickest ways to manage your dis-stress.
  3. Hear how the power of optimism can uplift your home atmosphere.
  4. Identify your and your family members’ strengths and know how to build on them.
  5. Be given a tool to minimize conflict and poor communication while increasing collaboration and care.
  6. Leave the session with ways to empower your family to flourish.
  7. and more!
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Deployment Reintegration with Kim Mills from She is Fierce

Tuesday, August 4th at 7:00 p.m.

Kim and her family have recently seen the finish line of their member's fifth overseas deployment. She will be sharing stories and lessons they have picked up along the way, that will hopefully help other families feel less alone in their own experiences and struggles.

Participants are encouraged to share, ask questions and be part of this peer based conversation. This event is a must for all family members: spouses, partners, parents of CAF members. Sign-up today for this free online workshop.

More Deployment Resources