Employment & Finance

Week 2: Employment & Finance

This week our goal is to help you our CAF Community in mitigating the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on your financial stability and the family's employment status. Financial problems can wreak havoc on our emotions and challenge our mental health, so we wanted to offer some solutions. 

Budgeting and Planning

Finding a good budgeting system will make it easier to continue to budget throughout your life. As you grow older, your goals and priorities will change, and your budget should change with it. An annual financial planning session will let you evaluate your budget and make sure you are reaching those goals.

Budgeting Boot Camp Workshop

Friday, July 17th, 3:00-4:30 p.m. for free hosted with BMO Canadian Defence Community Banking.

Participants will:
1. Learn the fundamentals of budgeting
2. Discover where/what you spend your money on
3. Develop a plan to get out or stay out of debt
4. How to save money for your future

Register today! 

Budgeting Resources


Prince's Operation Entrepreneur

These facilitated online workshops will be conducted by our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and will focus on helping transitioning military personnel, veterans and their partners learn about starting their own business. The workshop have been designed to concentrate on the fundamental elements of starting a small business, and helping determine possible next steps. 

You may choose to register for each of the different sessions or simply register for the session based on the subject matter you are interested in learning more about. Here is a list of the worskshops for July and August. 

More Employment Resources