Family Navigator connects Canadian Forces families with local resources, tools, and information to support them with their unique circumstances when it comes to relocation and military life. The site has information for:

  • Supporting a family member such as a child with special needs, person with a disability, an elderly parent who requires extra support, or a Canadian Forces Member with an operational injury 
  • Finding childcare
  • Dealing with military lifestyle challenges
  • Coping with a diagnosis of a health concern
  • Finding direction when you're not sure who to call.

If you're a Canadian Forces family who is looking for some tools to support you in regards to the unique challenges accompanying the military lifestyle, this website provides information and direct links to local support services and resources.
Child care services
The MFRC offers child care services for our families in times of emergency, for respite and on a casual basis. Whether you just need a few hours to yourself, want to participate in some of our activities or have had an emergency, we have something to meet your needs.

Our Casual Child Care is low-cost and designed to help stay-at-home parents get a few hours to themselves or complete tasks that aren’t easily done when little ones are around, but it is not a day care for working parents. If you require full-time day care services, please check out the list below for Calgary and area.

Emergency Child Care is a backup in case a family’s required Family Care Plan falls apart. This is to be used only in times of emergency – something unexpected and not able to be planned for – and provides 72 hours of paid childcare. All requests or inquiries will remain confidential.

The goal of Deployment Respite Child Care is to support the well-being of families who have a deployed CAF member to relieve some of the stressors related to childcare. It can be offered in or out of the home for up to 72 hours of free care and while doesn’t need to be continuous.

Contact our child care coordinator at 403-410-2320 ext. 3590 for more information.