1. Why are we re-launching in-person events? 

Creating and maintaining community connection matters to the Calgary MFRC, and social interaction helps us achieve this. We are being very strategic and careful in the planning of our in-person events to follow all the Alberta Health Services (AHS) guidelines including 2 metres distancing, handwashing and mask wearing, as well as crowd size and moving our events outdoors as much as possible. 

2. Why are we changing our traditional Christmas party title to a Winter Celebration? 

No one should ever feel excluded from the Calgary MFRC community. To be more inclusive of all faiths and traditions, we have chosen to rename our yearly party a “Winter Celebration.” We also needed to change the format this year because of COVID-19 restrictions on crowd size. This change is one way to keep us all safer while we celebrate the holiday period and have some fun.  

3. Why have you changed some of my favourite things about the event? 

Safety is our top priority. Since physical distancing rules are still being followed in Alberta, there was no safe way the MFRC could handle hosting the same event we have in the past. This means that some of the activities, food, and gifts you love had to be changed or removed to keep everyone safe.  

4. Why do I have to wear a mask?  

Masks are to be worn in accordance with local bylaws and venue policies. According to AHS, Albertans are encouraged to wear non-medical masks (NMM) in public when it's difficult to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres at all times. Wearing a homemade or NMM in public is another tool to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. It hasn’t been proven that masks protect the person wearing it, but it can help protect people from being exposed to your germs. Masks should complement – not replace – other prevention measures. We encourage everyone to continue physical distancing, use good hand hygiene and stay home when sick. 

5. What protocols do you have in place in your office?  

The Calgary MFRC has created our own COVID-19 Resumption Plan Policy and Procedures that take into consideration the Waters Building Return to Work directives from the Canadian Armed Forces and the Alberta Health Services mandates. We are operating on a staff rotation so that we can maintain physical distancing. We have increased the sanitation schedule of high traffic areas, wear masks when 2 metres distance cannot be maintained, and use proper hand hygiene among other health safety measures. At this time, our office is still closed to the public, but you can reach us via phone or email. 

6. What protocols do you have in place for your events? 

We follow all the Alberta Health Services directives when it comes to indoor and outdoor events including crowd size, physical distancing, food serving protocols, NMM, and hand sanitization stations. Any venue that we use to host an event may also have their own protocols and procedures in place, which we will follow. 

7. Can I attend the in-person events virtually? 

When possible, we have organized the technology to host meetings simultaneously on Zoom while in person. If there is an option to connect you to the event virtually, we will do our best to make that an option. 

8. Is your office open? 

The MFRC office is closed to all in-person visitors for the safety of the staff, other building users and our community. We can still be reached via phone and email. 

9. What are your cancellation and refund policies?  

By registering for our events, you acknowledge on behalf of yourself and anyone under your registration, that there is an ongoing risk of COVID-19 exposure at gatherings and functions. The Calgary MFRC will always have safety and sanitization protocols in effect to reflect these risks but cannot guarantee complete safety. By registering for our events, you accept this risk of exposure.  

Anyone demonstrating any COVID-19 symptoms including fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat or runny nose are asked to cancel their ticket, stay home and follow AHS guidelines for isolation. Those visibly experiencing symptoms will not be granted access to our events. If you have to cancel your attendance to an event because you are experiencing symptoms or isolation due to possibly being exposed to someone who is confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19, your ticket to an in-person event will be refunded.  

10. What can I expect in terms of the health check questionnaire? 

All registrants are personally responsible to self-assess for Covid-19 symptoms before attending in-person events as outlined by the Alberta Government and Alberta Health Services. You can find the health check questionnaire here.