Plan an Event

Plan an Event

Community Fundraiser for the Calgary MFRC

What is it? A community fundraiser is an event organized with family, friends, co-workers and the community by an individual, group or business. The organizers act independently but with the knowledge, approval and support of the Calgary MFRC.

Why? We rely on the enthusiasm and generosity of many individuals and organizations that run
Community Fundraising Events to raise money in support of the Calgary MFRC. Your energy, creativity, and enthusiasm can lead to a meaningful event for your family, friends, co-workers and the community.

By raising funds for Calgary’s local military community, you will be supporting Canadian Armed Forces, members, veterans and their families gain access to important programs and resources.

How? Please read through the Community Fundraiser Toolkit, fill out the Proposal Form and send it
along to or call 403-410-2320 extension 3590 if you have questions along the way.

Once your community fundraiser is approved, we’ll support your event to ensure it is successful.