9 Halloween Alternatives During COVID-19

9 Halloween Alternatives During COVID-19

Is the pandemic making Halloween just a bit spookier than usual this year? It might be challenging to figure out how we can celebrate this ghoulish holiday in the era of physical distancing, but Canadians are a creative bunch. We have adapted to Halloween in snowsuits under our costumes, we can surely find a way to adjust to this new reality too! Here’s a list of alternatives to make Halloween 2020 more memorable. Some of these can also be used in the future if you’re ever separated from family because of a deployment.

Neighborhood Parade

Plan a parade through your neigbourhood with your neighbourhood association or a Facebook group.  You can decorate your vehicles and follow a predetermined route or make it a cycling parade if the weather allows. You could also take to the sidewalks with your furry friends and take part in a physically distanced pet parade! You’ll want to ensure that the route is predetermined and marked to maintain safe distances between participants. Stay safe by incorporating sanitize stations, yellow caution tape, two metre sidewalk stickers or tape.

Set up a driveway table

You may not feel comfortable with people coming to your door on Halloween so what if you ditch the traditional communal Halloween candy bowl and set up decorated tables or booths in the front yard. You can have individual bags or cups of candy that the trick-or-treaters can help themselves to while you sit on the other side of the table two metres away. This keeps contact to a minimum while also still showcasing decorations and your hauntingly good personality.

Decorate and take Porch Pics

Go all out with your decorating this year even if you’ll be the only ones to see it. Get creative and crafty and pick a theme. Then, commemorate this once in a blue moon Halloween with some epic porch pics! Grab your selfie-stick, gear up and get out there for some #halloweenporchpics. Don’t forget to show off your Halloween houses, pet costumes and favorite little monsters!

Halloween Piñata

Want to avoid going door-to-door but still make getting those snack-sized candies a whole lot of fun? Make your little monsters work for it with a Halloween Piñata. Either in your house or in the yard, string up a Halloween-themed piñata filled with their favourite candy. You can buy one on Amazon or make your own boo-tiful piñata that will surely be a hit.

Host a virtual party

Using either Zoom or Google Meet gather your friends for a Halloween-themed costume or dance party. Create a spooktacular playlist for everyone to shake their boo things to, and have attendees show off their costumes on camera. Or, you can gather remotely to decorate and carve pumpkins safely from your own homes. Interact while you craft by sharing spooky stories. At the end, award prizes (virtual prizes or ones you send via snail mail) to the best looks!

Decorate masks

Masks are certainly part of our everyday lives now, so how about decorating some Halloween themed ones. Whether it’s a DIY project for yourself or a family activity, decorate a cloth or surgical mask to match your costume or have it be the costume itself. Get inspiration for the DIY Halloween face masks on Pinterest and go to town with some puffy fabric paint.

Indoor scavenger hunt

Also in the theme of making your little ghouls work for their treats, you can make them hunt for them. Decorate Halloween themed rooms throughout your house or outside in your yard if the weather cooperates. You can hide candy, toys, or gift cards and then send the kids on a scavenger hunt to discover all the hidden objects. You can find many free printable scavenger hunts hints online including this one from Play Party Fun.

Dress for dinner

Plan yourself a Halloween themed menu from these recipes and have everyone get in costume and character while eating. Maybe tell family and friends to come up with a backstory before the dinner begins, so a bit of roleplaying is involved. You might even go as far as to plan a murder mystery dinner for your family.

Movie night or karaoke party

Netflix will certainly have a list of Halloween classics and fear-filled favorites to choose from this Halloween. It’s the perfect time to check out their new free extension that lets you start, stop and pause a movie so you can watch it at the same time as a group of friends or family wherever they may live. More into music than movies? Whether you’re dancing along to a tribute to Thriller or taking it back old-school style with Monster Mash, a Halloween hit list for a night of karaoke is sure to bring the house down.