DEC 9 - Meet the Author - Clinical Trial Book Discussion

DEC 9 - Meet the Author - Clinical Trial Book Discussion

At this unique meeting of the Calgary MFRC book club, we are excited to offer a Q&A with the author! Paperback copies of Clinical Trial will be provided at a subsidized cost and will be available for contactless pickup at the Calgary MFRC office. Shipping is available for a flat-rate. Participants may choose to purchase the e-book at their own expense. 

The meeting will be held virtually on Zoom.
Eligible for registration; CAF members, member’s spouse/partner, member’s adult child or parents, Veterans, & Memorial Cross families , MFRC volunteers, and member's immediate family.

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Clinical Trial by Tammy Plunkett

Dr. Georgia Laurence’s patient is going to die without an immediate heart transplant, and a rare blood type makes a donor nearly impossible. There’s a sliver of hope when she learns about a clinical trial right at her hospital. The only problem is the stem cell researcher is Dr. Matt Mancini, a man from her past who has absolutely no reason to help her.

Matt could soon be sharing the cure for heart disease with the world and can’t risk using such a sick patient as his first human candidate. While his attraction to Georgia tempts him to reconsider, the stem cells are stolen and his career is jeopardized.

Georgia and Matt must work together to save his study before her patient dies. As they get closer to the truth, they find the thief will stop at nothing, not even murder, and they’ll have to decide what matters most: her patient, his study… or their lives.

About the author:
TAMMY PLUNKETT left her career as a registered nurse to stay home and raise her four children. It turned out that she could only take so much Sesame Street and returned to her first love—writing. Tammy spent a few years working solely in fiction then switched gears to non-fiction while she practiced as a life coach and writing coach. After her third child came out as transgender, she focused her work on helping parents of transgender kids, blogging, and writing mainstream articles. She continues to return to her love of writing both fiction and non-fiction. When not at her desk, Tammy can be found hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her family and beloved cavapoo Milo.

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DEC 9 - Meet the Author - Clinical Trial Book Discussion

Meet the Author - Clinical Trial Book Discussion

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