Education Support

Education Support For CAF Dependants serviced by CSMFRC

The Central Saskatchewan Military Family Resource Centre recognizes that military life can present unique challenges to the education of military families. Constrained educational opportunities may place unnecessary hardship on our families by limiting personal and career growth. In an effort to support the education of our military families, the CSMFRC institutes an Education Support Program.  The bursary will be provided annually in the form of a payment towards tuition for courses successfully completed.

Dependants of CF members posted to Central Saskatchewan are eligible to apply.  The education or training program must be recognized by the Central Saskatchewan MFRC. All provincially accredited programs will be accepted.  Non-accredited programs must be submitted to Central Saskatchewan MFRC for approval.  Successful applicants, upon receipt of their award, must be willing to allow the CSMFRC to publicly acknowledge that award. The publicity may be in the form of written text & photograph.

Application, evidence of enrollment, payment and successful completion 
must be submitted no later than June 30.                                                                                
Support funds for successful applicants will be awarded each August.  Evidence of payment and successful completion must be provided prior to receiving the awarded funding.

Contact Kendra for details.