Formation en langue seconde



ROSETTA STONE French / English Language Training for CAF dependants

Do you have the ability to self-guide and self-pace in an online environment?

The CSMFRC is able to offer a limited number of on line Rosetta Stone language training. Dependants of CAF members will be given priority though if the allocated spots are not filled consideration for CAF members will be considered.

Rosetta Stone is an online program that enables language learning. The simple and intuitive approach allows participants to learn a new language using a method that combines listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Learners are exposed to vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation of a new language without your native language for support.

There is a Version 3 (basic) and a more advanced version called TOTALe. TOTALe has additional features that include the ability to chat with a coach and other learners and access a wide range of activities.

Registration is FREE of charge for our CAF families.

For more information or to register please contact Heidi Grant