Activities & Workshops

Deployment Activities & Workshops


Activities & Workshops

Families who are separated due to duty, deployment, courses, attached postings or any other work related activity are entitled to Family Separation and Reunion services, including families of Regular and Reserve Force members, DND, Public Service, Contract Civilians and NPF Employees.

Services include:

  • Pre and Post Deployment Briefings
  • Deployment Information Packages
  • Workshops on Separation and Reunion Topics
  • Warm Line Calls
  • Special Events and Activities for families, children only and adults only
  • In School Deployment Program
  • Drop-in Centre
  • Public Access Computers
  • Parcel Wrapping Station
  • Children’s Corner
  • Emergency and Respite Child Care
  • Morale Packages
  • Brochures on Separation & Reunion issues, such as relationships, single and co-parenting, grief and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

​To find out how we can support you through your loved one’s deployment please contact the Welcome Centre at 780-594-6006 Ext 246