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Aerobic Award of Excellence

Emily Setlack

Aerobic Award of Excellence Stop by the Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre and talk to the PSP Fitness team about the Aerobic Award of Excellence

This program is designed to boost your cardiovascular fitness and keep you motivated to train on a regular basis.

Since it’s inception in the 1970’s, the Award of Aerobic Excellence was and remains today recognition of an individual who strives for and maintains a level of fitness that brings credibility to both themselves and to the Military.  These positive lifestyle changes to become more fit not only benefit the participant, but there is also a link to enhanced job performance. 

As an incentive for encouraging participation into the program, the member is rewarded with cumulative and goal-oriented points or units. These recognize activities which are aerobic in nature and therefore must be performed for a required length of time. The variety of aerobic activities are extensive and participation in one or more activities is encouraged.

The goal is to collect 2000 points within a 2 year period.  All those that meet the goal will receive a commemorative scroll & coloured seal, as well as receiving an invitation to the annual Fitness, Sports & Wellness Banquet held each spring.


In order to qualify for a seal within any level of the CF Physical Fitness Award for Aerobic Excellence a member of the CF must:
  • Participate in aerobic type of activity
  • Must log at least 2000 units worth of aerobic activity participation within a two year period in order to qualify for any given seal
  • Earn qualifying units based on the distance covered in the specific activity. In cases where it is impossible to measure the distance due to the environment or equipment the noted time may be used in its place
  • Complete at least one full unit value per aerobic exercise sessions
  • Accumulate units in activities listed as per table below which gives a detailed list of acceptable activities, performance standards and their unit value. Also, CF members may engage in one or any combination of individually selected activities, formal fitness training and/or compulsory fitness program activities
Qualifying Units
Activity Performance Standard Unit Value
Swimming 400 m 1 Unit
Jogging 1 km 1 Unit
Snowshoeing 1.5 km 1 Unit
Cross-Country Skiing 1.5 km 1 Unit
Skating (Ice/Roller) 1.5 km 1 Unit
Walking 3 km 1 Unit
Aerobic Classes 10 min 1 Unit
Cycling & Stationary Cycling 3 km or 7 min 1 Unit
Martial Arts (Karate, etc.) 10 min 1 Unit
Rowing (Canoeing/Kayaking) 500 m or 7 min 1 Unit
Stationary Rowing 500 m or 7 min 1 Unit
Cross-Country Skiing Machine 1.5 km 1 Unit
Stair Climber 7 min 1 Unit

Require Higher Challenge?

For members who require a higher challenge, six additional levels can be achieved. Completion of all seven levels will signify the accumulation of 84,000 aerobic units. The award for each of the levels II to VII are:
  • Level II – red decal plus red to gold seals
  • Level III – white decal plus red to gold seals
  • Level IV – blue decal plus red to gold seals
  • Level V – bronze decal plus red to gold seals
  • Level VI – silver decal plus red to gold seals
  • Level VII – gold decal plus red to gold seals
When you’ve completed your 2000 Units within 2 years (or less), please contact PSP Fitness Instructor, Charity Simmons, or call her at 780-840-8000 extension 8162 to discuss how you’ll obtain your certificate and seal.