FORCE fitness tests

Bronze and Beyond

PSP Cold Lake

Bronze and Beyond Take Your FORCE Incentive to the Next Level!

Why: The FORCE incentive standards will be adjusted (effective January 2019) to better reflect the current fitness levels within the CAF.  Along with this change comes the introduction of the long awaited rewards program:
  • Reach Silver? You get a t-shirt and some bragging rights.
  • Reach Gold? You get a hoodie and some bragging rights.
  • Reach Platinum? You get a hoodie, a pin, a certificate signed by the CDS and … major bragging rights!
Who: Are you a military member who is interested in reaching incentive on your next FORCE test? Then Bronze and Beyond is the program for you! 

What: Three programs, each 3 months long: 
  1. Need help reaching Bronze (top 50% of CAF)?
  2. Need help reaching Silver (top 84% of CAF)?
  3. Need help reaching Gold or Platinum (top 98% of CAF)?
These programs were created by 4 Wing Cold Lake’s Reconditioning Specialist: Gabriel Quenneville along with the rest of 4 Wing PSP Fitness and Sport Staff.

How: Four step process:
  1. E-mail Gabriel Quenneville to be placed on a distribution list of interested members. Include your interest: (1) Reach bronze (2) reach silver or (3) reach gold/platinum
  2. Keep an eye out for an initial e-mail regarding the launch of the project. ETA mid to end January 2019
  3. Attend the learning session and educational sessions regarding: how to do the program properly and safely
  4. Start training!